Leading the Way Forward Together

Over the weekend I published an article titled Finding Our Way Back to Hope as my way to process the events of the tragic shootings in CT last week.  I was thinking about the many ways we can each lead the way for ourselves and our communities back to hope and offer a few of my own suggestions.

One of them was to stop judging other peoples reactions and to start listening and learning from whatever people share and however they process their own grief so we can heal and move forward.

"There are countless ways to process this. If we can watch and listen to all of it and keep our focus on compassion and learning something rather than judging others for their way of dealing with this as “right” or “wrong”, perhaps we can actually learn something that can truly help us deal with the underlying issues that lead to a tragedy of this magnitude."

This morning I saw a post on Facebook from Deb Costello that I believe is one of the best ways to lead the way forward in the face of any challenge, tragedy, disaster, etc.:  starting a constructive dialogue.

Below is Deb's Facebook post.  The conversation she started on facebook is already bustling with an amazing dialogue.  So I thought to bring it here to this community of Character-Based Leaders.  I can't think of a better group to help lead the way back to hope and be the source of progress.

Thank you Deb for your leadership and for always instigating conversations that matter.

So here's the discussion if you dare...

The goal: improve safety in public spaces without completely gutting the constitution. Let's try everything...

Let's figure out how we can support more God in our communities. Let's figure out how we can have less guns in the hands of crazy people. More support for the mentally ill. More safety plans at schools. The only answer I won't accept here is no. I don't think all these ideas are equal or that they all will work, but I no longer care. I want everything done.

You are doctors and lawyers and teachers and parents and gun owners and every faith under the sun. Let's discuss this like adults with "yes" as our plan. Give me hope...

How can we improve safety in public spaces without completely gutting the constitution?

Let the discussion begin!

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