Let's Start Some Global Warming

Maybe it's time we started a little global warming. Oh, I'm not talking about the planet's surface temperature.  I'm talking about a different kind of warmth.  When people know one another and share a mutual appreciation, there is said to be a warmth between them.  When those people actually work together to make a positive difference, the sparks begin to fly.

Have you ever considered that you're a thermostat?  You affect the temperature of the people around you.  You may do very little other than reflect the temperature like a thermometer or a thermostat with the power turned off.  But when you bring your best energy, your emotional labor as Seth Godin called it in Linchpin, to your work, you not only make yourself more valuable, but you also improve the environment for everyone else.

When was the last time you got ready to go to work and hoped that you wouldn't be inspired?  Do any of us hope for just another boring day where we make no difference?

We want to matter, and if we can't matter, then we attempt to consume.  But most people would prefer to matter.

So turn up the temperature! Decide to matter today. Set the thermostat for yourself and you will influence the people nearby. Decide you will bring your best effort to every interaction and every effort for the period of one full day.  You will be contagious. You will inspire. You will be a leader. And your world (and ours!) will be warmer for it.


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