Meet LeadChange – Mike Henry Sr.

This weeks guest for Meet LeadChange is Mike Henry Sr. (@mikehenrysr, LinkedIn, Facebook) We will turn the tables (or the microphones) on Mike and I'll act as the host and moderator of the discussion.

However, rather than do your typical one-on-one inteview, we will open the phone lines so you can call in to ask Mike questions about anything. (Yes, anything!)

Mike is the founder of the Lead Change Group and a consultant, coach, speaker, and community builder.   He enjoys helping people make a positive difference in any endeavor.  He helps leaders at all levels gain perspective regarding their position, responsibilities, and how they are perceived throughout and around the organization.  He believes that true leaders are those who choose to exercise leadership skills and influence at any position or level in an organization.

Mike speaks, consults and provides group and individual coaching to help people lead through relationships.  His group coaching program, Leader From The Pack, helps middle managers and emerging leaders to inspire, encourage, and support stakeholders in all directions: inward through influencing their team and peers, externally through improved relationships with suppliers and customers, upward through inspiring trust, and downward through supporting and developing direct reports and successors.  Mike energizes leaders to deepen their character as the foundation of their leadership.

He's not shy, so we've provided some extra time for this interview.  Please be sure and join us.  You won't want to miss it.  You can listen right here or call in to (646) 721-9815.

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