Playing the Game and Finishing Well

Check out this great post by one of our fellow instigators,  Angela Bisignano, Ph.D.. She has a doctorate in clinical psychology and an M.S. in ministry. She works as a leadership and life consultant.

Her guest post over on Michael Hyatt's blog is titled Leaders and the Game of Life. It's about the need for people to think past "getting-to-the-top" and instead, focus on the end.  Like one of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Angela talks about the importance of not just begining with the end in mind, but playing the entire game, your career and your leadership, with the end in mind.  She offers 4 ideas of things you can do now, Contemplation, Commitment, Cost and Courage, that will help you make sure you finish well.

Be sure and check out the post, follow her on Twitter or connect with her here on Lead Change too!

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