Reduce Employee Turnover

Team leaders have a constant challenge that they must deal with – and it isn’t an easy one to overcome.

Hundreds of managers and administrators across the country ask themselves each week – “How can I reduce employee turnover?”

And the answer is simple.

You need to stop hiring and working with employees. That’s right. Employees are toxic. Employees are disengaged. Employees are not owners and do not take initiative. Employees make life difficult for you and your teammates.

And it is Winning Teammates that you want beside you if you want to enjoy the journey and to improve performance and profits.

The secret that will help you reduce employee turnover is to transform your employees into TEAMMATES.

Which prompts you to repeat the first part of your original question.


Well, I’m glad you asked.

After working with thousands of people across dozens of different industries, it became clear that the most engaged and effective teams had established and maintained TWO VERY IMPORTANT CONNECTIONS:

In order to build a high-performing team, to transform your zombie employees into Winning Teammates, you need to connect them to a Compelling Common Goal and you need to connect them to Each Other.

Two Connections to Reduce Employee Turnover

  • Connect with a compelling Common Goal

There are two very important parts to this step.  You need to have your people clarify two things:

What is our mission as a team?

How am I developing myself?

Those goals are the purpose for their presence.

And if they don’t know WHY they are there, they won’t do much WHILE they are there!

  • Connect with Each Other

Meaningful relationships help to provide the support and encouragement and sense of belonging that your people all desire.  And those relationships all act as valuable opportunities to raise their awareness of very important ideas…

Who can I build personal relationships with?

This raises their awareness of personality styles, individual strengths and weaknesses, and an appreciation for the diverse backgrounds and values of other teammates.

Where do I fit in the bigger picture?

This raises the awareness of who they impact and who impacts them.

All accountability begins with awareness and empathy!

In my book, Rapid Teamwork, the characters in the story discover all five of the essential steps to transform a group into a GREAT Team.  Goals and Relationships are the first two steps, and the success of the last three (expectations, accountability, and thanks) is based upon the first two connections!

If you are tired of poor performance… if some of your people seem more like zombies than teammates… if you are frustrated with lack of energy or engagement in your employees, then you need to focus on two connections.

The two things your people need to connect with are a shared purpose and the people they are working with.  These are the two main drivers of their efforts.

It truly is the soft stuff that is always really the hard stuff.

Forget about strategy and technical skills – if these two connections aren’t established and maintained, your people will continue to perform below their true capacity.

Interested in ways to make those connections?

Take a peek at the team building events and teamwork keynotes that have already helped thousands of people create meaningful and motivating connections.

If you want to reduce employee turnover, the key is to focus on connections.

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