The 3 Step Triple Threat: Become an excellent communicator to be a better leader

Part 2:  The 3 Step Triple Threat & How Leaders Achieve Goals

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Are you an emerging leader or newly promoted leader looking for a goal-setting strategy to make lasting, positive changes in soft skills? Here’s your solution.

Part 2 of the 4 part series.  Step #1:  Ask.    

AAA: The 3 Step Triple Threat… Ask, Announce, Act (Repeat)

Research shows only 3% of the population sets and puts their goals in writing.  Of those written goals, I will guess the majority is strategic goals and the minority is in the area of soft skills, specifically interpersonal and communication skills at work.  Why?  While strategic goals may be easier to measure, the interpersonal skills may contribute to leadership success.

Step #1: ASK

Take a poll, choose a goal and define success.  When it comes to how you can improve in the interpersonal department, ask someone who will tell you the truth, because your employees or colleagues may not, even if you do have the courage to ask them (courage is an advanced level skill, by the way).

All you will say in response to your questions is a genuine, “Thank you.”  No arguing, “yes, but” -ing or coming to your own defense.  Just shut up and listen.

  • Take a poll: Ask your family and a close friend or two the first question, “What are one or two areas where you see opportunities for my improvement?”
  • Chose a goal: You may get several different answers, so pick one that interests you, if possible.
  • Define success with the answers to the second question, “What will I be doing or saying that will be a sign to you I am making progress toward my goal?”  Why ask?  First, your close friends and family won’t lie to you because they don’t have anything to lose.  Second, what you think you should do isn’t nearly as important as what others perceive.  Odds are, if your family and friends come up with similar areas of improvement, your employees will agree, too.

Your action step:  What did you come up with after Step #1:  Ask?  Write it down, or better yet, post it below!

 Stay tuned for Step #2:  Announce … 

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