The Five Most Valuable Leadership Skills

Quality leaders are in high demand today in almost all areas of professional business, education, science, politics, and also generally in day-to-day life.

Sometimes it can be hard to define what makes a good leader and whether being a leader is a talent or a skill acquired through work and experience.

Without doubt, both these theories are valid and do not necessarily contradict each other. Regardless of the fundamental questions about the nature of leadership itself, here are some of the most valuable leadership skills you will need in your life.


Determination to pursue his or her vision is what makes a good leader stand out. It is a fuel which drives the leader and enables him or her to continue fighting for organizational ideals.

Without determination, it is not possible to realize your goals.

A determined leader inspires confidence in others who will rely on the leader's will in times of struggle. Determination is a prerequisite for success as the strength of will involved gives the leader energy to move on towards the ultimate goal.

Many important things which happen in our lives are directly linked with our determination, most prominently our ability to overcome problems and difficulties we face and triumph in the face of adversity.


A leader is essentially a supreme organizer, the one who takes care of all aspects of a task and is able to make plans in advance. Although, organization itself represents a collection of various organizational skills, we must still view it as a critical leadership skill.

Organization is also a deciding factor behind our ability to handle practical tasks in our day-to-day functioning and is directly related to time management, finances and planning.

The ultimate success of both our private and business initiatives lies in our ability to organize and plan in advance. Possessing exceptional organization skills is what makes a good leader different from a mediocre one.

Taking Initiative

If there is a single trait which best defines a leader, it is most certainly the ability to take initiative and point people in the right direction.

Initiative distinguishes and defines a leader more than all other abilities. Taking initiative is what makes all successful projects, both in business and private life, move towards the goal.

The lack of initiative often has a very negative effect on our efforts, such as the one of building a successful enterprise.

Another essential aspect of taking initiative is knowing when to act. Quality leadership is all about decision making and timing.

It has also been demonstrated that people who take initiative at work are more likely to build successful careers and find themselves in leading positions in society.

Decision Making

Naturally, leadership requires quick decision making, personal integrity and responsibility. When a leader finds himself in a difficult position, much will depend on the ability to act decisively and reach the best possible decision even under unfavorable circumstances.

A confident leader is able to realize plans and put them into effect, while at the next stage, it is necessary that a leader stands behind decisions, and be willing to defend them if necessary.

Quality decision making is also invariably connected with the ability to critically analyze a situation before reaching conclusions.

The ultimate decision is therefore an end result of a process starting with strategic planning and ending with realization.


All of the skills listed previously depend on self-confidence. Determination and organization without self-confidence would not have the same effect. Taking initiative and reaching a right decision is almost impossible for a leader who does not have confidence in his or her abilities.

Self-confidence is a building block which holds all other leadership qualities together, enabling them to work in harmony.

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