The Minimalist Guide to Motivating Your Employees

Make It Stop!

I could almost hear his anguish…

A young supervisor had gone to Twitter in desperation: “How can I ever motivate my team? Please help!!!”

His fatigue and frustration were palpable, but they were also causing him immense problems and his credibility and influence with his team had suffered badly.

The Consequence of Failing to Motivate Your Employees

This young man did understand one thing: his disengaged team would cost his company money and time and it would ultimately result in him working harder and harder to pick up the slack…

Or else he would lose his job.

In contrast, when employees are satisfied and motivated, companies can have a 233% higher financial return than the overall market and shareholder return can be up to 700% higher

When you motivate your employees, they stay with the team longer, they use less sick days, they are more likely to recommend the organization’s products or services, and provide better customer service.

I'm confident you understand how vital it is to motivate your employees.  But -

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