The One 2 Rule: That’s One Part Problem, 2 Part Solution

Problem? Issue? Complaint? While venting is a widely acceptable practice in the work place today, often encouraged and actually good for you, don’t forget to match some of that expressive energy with real, actionable solutions. Frustrated? Irritated? Down Right Pissed Off? Great! Who isn’t!?! It’s the What•are•ya•gonna•do•about•it that separates those who stay that way and those who move through it in order to continue accomplishing.

The next time you find yourself fed up - it could be in your role, a responsibility you are required to carry out, with your boss, perhaps with the staff you manage, maybe it’s your peers. Whatever it may be, write it down, get it out, but keep the problem limited to a few sentences so it stays focused. Now, and maybe not like right NOW, maybe in a few hours, come back to it; what action-based solution can you implement to minimize or reduce the probability of it re-occurring? Remember, a solution doesn’t necessarily mean the problem is solved; it can be a resolution to a solution. The important thing here is that you are taking real, tangible action to eliminate whatever it is that is slowing your momentum down.

So implement the One 2 Rule with yourself, your staff, and anyone else who will listen! That’s one part problem, 2 part solution and it looks a little something like this.

What is your Problem, Issue, or Complaint?________________________________________________


What can you do today to reduce or eliminate your Problem, Issue, or Complaint?

Action One: _________________________________________________________________________________

Action Two: _________________________________________________________________________________

And the Perks? Why, I’m so glad you asked…

Getting it OUT! Like lifting a ton of bricks right off your shoulders! Carrying problems around not only affects your performance but it likely affects your peers as well.

Creature of Habit: By practicing pairing solutions with problems, you are training your brain to automatically default to solution-based thinking vs. problem-based thinking. Stop wasting time assessing the problem and start identifying the solution!

Hang onto the remnants of your / your staff’s One 2 Rule exercises. They can be used to reflect back on how far you’ve come, to see what worked and what did not, and help identify any repeat offenders.

Being one step closer to unstuck, happy, efficient, proactive, and effective again!


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