The September Leadership Development Carnival

The Lead Change Group is grateful to Chris Edmonds of The Purposeful Culture Group for hosting the September 2015 Leadership Development Carnival.

In addition to two posts touching on the timely topic of the corporate culture at Amazon, such as this one and this one, there are several ideas among the 29 contributions which stand out:

On Innovation:

Innovative leaders do not delegate creativity and innovation; they lead it. - Neal Burgis

On Trust:

If you have your team’s trust, you open the doors to all kinds of possibilities. - Randy Conley

On Leadership:

People need to believe in leadership again. - Bill Treasurer

Please visit the full carnival post to see more of others' thought-provoking ideas about leadership.

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The Lead Change Group will be hosting the October 2015 Leadership Development Carnival so stay tuned for our call for submissions in the coming weeks. We know October will be another fantastic month!

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