Three Promises of Character-Based Leadership

In our group, we've had a lot of conversation about character-based leadership.  This is the second post in a series on character-based leadership.  The first was Sources of Leadership.

What result does character-based leadership promise? What makes our type of leadership different?

So I thought about the question for a few minutes. Quickly, I thought of 3 promises of character-based leadership.

Promise 1: Engaged team members - Either team members are growing and contributing or the leader is helping them discover the disconnect to either become accountable or recognize the need to find another place to contribute.  Relationships with team members are built on mutual respect. Leaders respect each member's contribution and serve them to insure each member's success as a contributor to an overall goal greater than the sum of individual contributions.

Promise 2: Satisfied stakeholders - expectations are managed because integrity and transparency are valued creating trust between leadership and customers, vendors, and partners.  Everyone doesn't necessarily get totally satisfied in the short-run but, because of the high level of trust, sacrifices are accounted for and everyone is treated fairly

Promise 3: Sustainable relationships - The goals pursued by teams with character truly benefit their intended customers. Customers derive benefit in excess of their cost and can therefore fairly reward the team for their achievement, and the organization can fairly reward each member according to their individual contribution.  Each party wins and is therefore incented to sustain the relationship.

I'm sure there are more?  What would you add?  The promise of character-based leadership is just one of the topics we will tackle at LeaderPalooza 2010 February 19 and 20, 2010 at the Hilton Airport Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  We're considering ideas like these because we accept our share of responsibility for the crisis of leadership in our world today and we want to do something about it.  Will you join us?  Even if you can't attend, please comment below and add your contribution. Our world needs character-based leaders now more than anytime in recent history.  Will you to join the effort?  Will you answer the call?

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