A Tip for Giving Powerful Inspiring Feedback

This post has been modified but was originally posted on Ready To Feedback in December 2009.  Sonia was trying to get 100 responses.  Can you add to the total?

Have you ever received positive, inspiring feedback in your life? How did this feedback make you feel?


TIP – Feed these feelings forward

Help someone else feel like this. Give someone positive, inspiring feedback in the coming week.

Repeat often.

Add to the 6-word stories collection (started on December 5, 2009) on how powerful, inspiring feedback made you feel. Why?  To inspire others to recreate these powerful motivating feelings in others. It’s time to Lead Change!

Let your feelings guide your 6-word selection.

Share your story by adding it to this post as a comment.

Below is the inspiring 6-word story collection of S. Max Brown (Twitter: @smaxbrown) to get your creativity started!

1. Life is good. I can serve.
2. Hope breathes life into my work.
3. Feeling good, I become other focused.
4. Inspired by kindness, I do more.
5. Engaged, cooperative, teamwork brings great results.
6. Trust is built conversation by conversation.
7. Knowing where I stand today — priceless.
8. Anxiety goes away when you share.
9. Relationship established, now I can work.
10. Recharged, renewed, reinvigorated, refocused! Thank you.
11. Your greatest gift: words that lift.
12. Why appreciate me? Because you matter.
13. How do I serve? Love more.
14. Why me? You are perfectly appropriate.
15. Perfect? No. But I’ll give everything.
16. Can we all do more? Yes!
17. Celebrate today to recharge for tomorrow.
18. Being human is a gift — appreciate.
19. Words define: Treat me respectfully — please.
20. I want to do good work.
21. Humbled, I listen and ask questions.
22. We all need to feel important.
23. Self-esteem boosts performance, ego destroys it.
24. If you don’t give feedback: LEARN.
25. My charge is clear: Let’s ROLL!

What's Your Story?

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