Tip-toeing close to curmudgeon territory

I left Corporate America while I still had a little soul. I wanted to rebuild my “soul account” by serving, helping, making a difference. And, for the most part, life has been good. I like to say I’m living the tee shirt.


(Rarely does anything positive follow use of the word “but” and this isn’t going to be an exception!)

I’m feeling grumpy after a string of recent experiences, wondering where character, compassion and connection have gone.

A group of volunteers banded together to raise money for a small nonprofit. The volunteers worked their butts off while the paid staffers were missing in action. When questioned about their lack of involvement, the staffers’ response was, “Hey, the help and the money always come from someplace.” What happens when others care as little as they do?

Having moved to Charleston, SC from San Francisco, I bear the local label of being “from off.” Several of us folks “from off” were on a steering committee for a local conference. The new lead person told us he wanted to retain our talent but we would have to step off the steering committee because we didn’t know the right people in town. When will inclusion and passion trump cronyism?

A social media acquaintance asked if I would review their book. I agreed, investing a number of hours doing so. The author’s one word response? Thanks. I know I should be thankful for the thanks, but it felt like it arrived via autopilot. When did people become disposable?

“I’m inviting you to join this exclusive group because I believe you’re perfect to join my network and help me build my book of business.” Wow, what an opening line. If I was supposed to feel special, it didn’t work. Has reciprocity gone out of style?

The candle of character and compassion does burn brightly in many. I’ve just had the misfortune of several downer experiences in quick succession.

Just need to be patient...those affirming encounters are coming. And coming with them will be the opportunity to use these teachable moments both for myself and for others.


Image source (before quote):  Pixelperfect

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