View LeaderPalooza Through A Wider Lens

Leadership is about people. My interest in leadership is actually a byproduct of my interest in people. People are neat.

I've met several great people in my work the last few months. One I met recently who shares a common interest in people and leadership is Perry Maughmer. Perry's blog is titled A Wider Lens. It implies a perspective shift that I appreciate. Where I'm always trying to focus more, Perry presents a different perspective. That's one reason why I appreciate his blog and his article on LeaderPalooza. (The other. of course, is that he's suggesting you register for LeaderPalooza!)

His post and an email exchange we shared introduced me to emergent systems. Basically an emergent system is created by individuals who create a product greater than the sum of the parts, and that product in turn rewards the creators. That is what we're trying to do with the Lead Change Group - create a community of character-based leaders who make a positive difference by applying that leadership. We each grow as leaders in the application, not merely through academic study, of leadership. So in growing, we apply; in applying we grow.

In order to help us help one another, we decided to come together face-to-face at LeaderPalooza, February 19-20, 2010 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. We plan to further the emergent model of the Lead Change Group by mobilizing, facilitating and energizing members to lead with character and create positive results. The actual conference format is an un-conference where some of the agenda is in flux. But don't let the uncertainty of the format keep you from attending.

Imagine what you can do in partnership with people like Don Shapiro (@DonShapiro1) Steve Keating (@LeadToday), Erin Schreyer (@eschreyer) Jim Holland (@Jim_Holland) Chris Zaucha (@czaucha) and Susan Mazza (@SusanMazza) among others, as we focus our efforts and take this emergent system to the next level.

Check out Perry's post and register for LeaderPalooza. I can't wait to meet you!

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