Wake Up and Shake It Up

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to contribute a post to a series conceived and published by Lead Change member Shawn Murphy called Wake Up and Shake It Up.

Wake Up and Shake It UpThe series was an eye-opener for several reasons. First, several Lead Change Group members contributed to the great series. In addition me and Shawn, Monica Diaz, Lolly Daskal, David Burkus, S. Max Brown, and Tanveer Naseer chipped in along with Ed McLaughlin, Alejandro Reyes, Derrick Strand, David Wong and Cyrus Aram.

Second, the contributions seemed to come together a consistent theme that aligned with Shawn's passion to help groups embrace change.

Well, Shawn compiled the whole thing into an ebook that you might want to check out. It's available for free (registration required) here. Check it out.