Want Credibility? Be Consistent.

Ah, the beginning of a new year!

As the celebrations and parties come to an end, don’t let complacency take over in the office.  While it may seem like you can rely on the recognition and awards you just handed out last month, now you have to back it up.  Instead of viewing this as a chore, consider it an opportunity to build credibility.  NOTE:  Credibility is born from consistency.

How?  Here are three ways:

  1. Be consistent in your praise.  Don’t allow the holiday parties to be the only positive feedback people receive.  Indeed, many are watching to see if the sentiments shared at the party were really sincere.  The best way to prove it was is in the words you share now.  What you celebrate and appreciate is important to the team (and far more influential than the lectures and yelling).  Help people feel positive about the direction you are headed with consistent positive feedback.
  2. Be consistent in your gratitude.  Driving towards new goals with an abundance of gratitude enables you to take on the challenges and roadblocks ahead.  Gratitude provides a broader perspective and an ability to be calm, patient, and understanding.  Not only does this enable one to create better relationships, but it also enables similar feelings to spread to others.
  3. Be consistent in your humility.  Great leaders are confident enough to be humble.  Surround yourself with great people and give credit for a job well done.  While it may seem easier said than done, remember to go back to rule #2 when this is getting tough.  When you generate an abundance of gratitude, you are able to appreciate others and be perfectly content shining a light on them instead of yourself.

Bottom line: Want credibility?  Be more consistent in praise, gratitude, and humility.

Photo iStockPhoto © Jacob Wackerhausen

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