We are stronger, wiser & more beautiful together.

My husband and I recently attended the most beautiful and unique dinner party of our lives.  Every family in attendance was from a different part of the world:   Russia, Canada, Mexico, Africa, Asia, India, Pakistan, South America, and the United States.

We were a variety of colors and ages.  We spoke different native languages and celebrated different traditions.  We had different educational and life experiences.  Some of us were new to the city we now share.  Some were experiencing life outside of what they know for the first time.  Many have lived all over the world.

Like a bunch of flowers, we were each unique and beautiful on our own, but together we made the most stunning human bouquet.

Reflecting back on the evening three simple truths emerged:

  1.  We were made for a community.
  2. No matter how successful we are as individuals, our strengths and knowledge are incredibly small by themselves.
  3. We are stronger, wiser and more beautiful together.

The evening reminded me of  Bestselling Author Frans Johansson.  His mother is Black and Cherokee.  His father is Swedish.  They met in Germany.  Frans was raised in Sweden.  His passion is sharing stories about people combining ideas from wildly different backgrounds and the incredibly innovative solutions that result.  (If you’ve never read his book I highly recommend it!)

When you weave the knowledge and strengths of individuals together you will create a more engaged, more creative, more effective whole and amplify the potential your organization.

Below are a few questions to get you started:

  • Have you discovered the strengths of the individuals throughout your organization?
  • Have you taken the time to learn more about their backgrounds, experiences and observations?
  • Have you taught them to celebrate differences and value each other?
  • Have you empowered and unleashed them to provide uncommon value to your organization?
  • Have you considered what your janitor, your new employees, your long-term employees, your customers and your suppliers know about your organization that your executives don’t?

 “The best ideas emerge when very different perspectives meet.”  Frans Johansson

We are stronger, wiser and more beautiful together.  

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