The Think Zone - New Year

Roy Atkinson is one of the cool people I've met on-line during this past year.  He's @royatkinson on Twitter and a member of the Lead Change Group on LinkedIn.  He's passionate about leadership and technology and hails from Maine.  I've even referred to him as the CHO of the group (Chief Humor Officer) because of his Groaners - Twitter one-liners that he posts nightly.

Roy has an interesting blog and post that I wanted to share with you.  The blog is The Think Zone and the post is titled Janus.  "Janus was the Roman god of beginnings and ends."  Roy recommends that we take 4 specific steps to make our next year better.  Jog on over and check it out.

My favorite point of the bunch is "Decide which of your accomplishments can be carried into the coming year." Roy suggests that we record and reflect on our accomplishments and then we should decide which ones we'll continue.  His forth point also links in that we should be looking for opportunities in the coming year too. Head over to Roy's blog and share some ideas about the 2010.

Please check out the post and Roy's blog. I'm excited about 2010 and how its shaping up through the many new relationships I've had the chance to make in 2009 through social media.

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