Employee Engagement by Exhortation

by  John Bernard  |  Leadership Development

The underlying belief of exhortation is that people simply are not giving it their all, and so management’s job is to entice and encourage people to do a better job than they previously have.  The great search for ways to engage employees involves many well-intended but misguided approaches. Exhortation. Management by objectives. Tools and techniques.  Check out my post and see if you agree or disagree with my logic on the topic.

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Adi Gaskell  |  24 Jan 2012  |  Reply

It’s classic theory X & Y isn’t it? For much of the last century we’ve been firmly in theory X territory imo. Hopefully the times they are a changing.

John Bernard  |  24 Jan 2012  |  Reply

Funny how some things never change. Maybe, finally, the economic reality of our world will drive us to a place we should have gone to 30 years ago.

Barnie Rossum  |  28 Jan 2012  |  Reply

Why bother with petty things like removing obstacles or creating a pleasant work environment when exhortation can whip the people up into a such a frenzy of activity that they’re bound to get SOMETHING right? Still, words of encouragement aren’t isn’t as bad as the classic Theory X method of motivation http://www.project-management-course.info/theory-x-manager-eeek/

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