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by  Mike Henry  |  Leadership Development

An entrepreneur is someone who starts something. Traditionally it has meant a for-profit business but more recently the term is becoming more generally directed at those who take the risk and begin a venture.

“One reason it’s so difficult to teach entrepreneurship is that we’re not teaching tactics or skills. We’re not teaching spreadsheets or finance or even marketing. No, when we encourage entrepreneurship, we’re actually trying to get people to the place where they care enough and where they are confident enough to stand up and try to make things change.” Seth Godin, Entrepreneurship => impact October 27, 2013

For over 4 years, (5 years this coming March) I’ve searched for the words to explain what I’d like to happen through the Lead Change Group. The world needs leaders, people who take responsibility for the influence they have, based on who they are, to “stand up and make things change.” My goal has always been to help as many people as possible launch their own leadership revolution. It takes an entrepreneur – someone who will take a chance, step out and start something.

I’m grateful for the people who have taken part in their own leadership revolution that I’ve met these past 5 years. Some participate here. Some elsewhere. But there is a growing number of people who talk about leadership as something that is for more than just the elite. Leadership is who you are, not what position you’ve attained or the power you’ve amassed. Every year, I see more and more friends who make a difference writing, blogging, coaching, consulting, sharing, giving, serving, speaking and teaching about leadership. It’s a great start.

But we need many more people who “stand up and try to make things change.”

In 2014, the Lead Change Group will remain committed to the idea that anyone can stand up and make things change. We’re a group of leadership entrepreneurs.  We’re not asking for permission.  We simply chose to act. We choose to do more than nothing.

This year, when I read a post, I will comment, reply, share and encourage.  I promise to try to take one more minute and let the author know what I think.  When I can, I’ll write a post on your topic and link to your post.  I plan to do my part to show the world that more than a few people want to do something about leadership. I will spend my energy showing everyone I can that the world is full of character-based leadership revolutionaries.

What about you?  Will you start or continue your own leadership revolution in 2014? Will you make one more thing better in 2014 than you did in 2013?  You don’t need a promotion. You don’t need permission. You can simply go for it. If we can help you here, join, speak up, ask. Take part in the dialogue. Tweet about someone else’s post. Share an idea.  Connect friends, collaborate on a project, or help a non-profit. Give someone a book. Do something different as quickly as possible and begin your journey as a Leadership Entrepreneur. Make 2014 the year you step up and begin your own leadership revolution.

Comment below and let us know how we can help. Take a stand. Make 2014 the year you launch yourself as a leadership entrepreneur. And let me know how I can help. Thanks for your attention.

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What People Are Saying

Manpreet  |  01 Jan 2014  |  Reply

Sir, first of all I would like to thank you for this post.
In your post, you’ve not only talked about your working strategy in the year 2014 but you’ve also done a great job to inspire your readers to appreciate others’ work. Trust me! I’ve thought about doing that many a time but have always failed to express this emotion in the right words.
Leadership is not about going on your own road, materializing your own plans! it’s about give and take. It’s about learning. It’s about sharing!
To bring a change, you need to start alone but then you would definitely need to join hands with others to strengthen your move.
I am not as sure as you’re in your objective, but I would definitely be following you so that I can shape up my own objectives and bring a change.

Mike Henry  |  01 Jan 2014  |  Reply

Thanks for the comment Manpreet, and thanks for joining the conversation. I hope you make the progress you seek in 2014!

Alan Derek Utley  |  01 Jan 2014  |  Reply

Thank you for reminding us why we step out and talk about leadership. There is a limitless supply of leaders out there, waiting to be discovered. We can make a difference by helping people recognize their potential and inspiring in them the choice to act. One way we do that is by writing and sharing our perspectives and encouraging others to do the same. I will continue by efforts to do so and hope that I can make a difference with my individual contribution.

Thank you for giving us a space to help make a difference.

Mike Henry  |  01 Jan 2014  |  Reply

Thanks back for being part of the Lead Change Group and for your part in the effort. You’re right. Every action counts and we can use everyone stepping up to choose to act. Mike…

Dr. Ross Wirth  |  01 Jan 2014  |  Reply

Great set-up for establishing a New Year Resolution. You are right in saying that we need more leaders – at all levels. However, too often people find it easier to manage followers than influence leaders toward a common goal. This requires an understanding of what needs to be managed and what needs to be led.

Mahesh  |  01 Jan 2014  |  Reply

Hi Mike,
Is there such a thing as natural entrepreneurship I.e hardwiring in the brain.Risk taking is a tendency like Richard Branson.I can’t imagine taking a balloon trip around the world.
I have seen lots of big entrepreneurs and all have some of this dare devilry .
It’s like everyone can’t be a aeroplane pilot.
Your thoughts.

Mirjam Rolfe  |  02 Jan 2014  |  Reply

Thanks so much for this inspirational post. I agree with you. It is important to stand up and encourage people to make the changes happen they are longing for. I am a new enterpreneur, having founded my company last year. I have since been blessed to see that often a little encouraging goes a long way. I make it a point to carefully listen to my clients to find out what they need and what drives them. How rewarding to see their relief when they realize that personel and professional development is not that difficult to achieve and can actually be so much fun. I’m happy to have chosen to be an enterpreneur and recommend it to whoever has a business idea and wants to make a difference.
Thanks for your great work. Please keep the inspiration coming.

Rob Huffman  |  02 Jan 2014  |  Reply

I have a desire in 2014 to start a Leadership Institute in Chesapeake / VA Beach, VA. I would like more details on Lead Change Group. Whom can I contact?

Mike Henry  |  02 Jan 2014  |  Reply

Hey Rob, thanks for speaking up. Happy 2014.

I’d be happy to talk with you about some of what we’ve done in Tulsa and what others have done in Dallas and Cincinnati and what other friends are doing that I’ve just been fortunate enough to connect with. I’ll send you a note via your email address. Thanks again. Mike…

Paul LaRue  |  02 Jan 2014  |  Reply

Mike, I truly appreciate your example and passion to instigate us to impact our worlds. This past year I have been fortunate to have come across Lead Change Group and others that share this common goal. I likewise plan to reach out and interact more, not just for my learning, but to help others change their sphere of influence in other’s lives. As iron sharpens iron, it will be exhilarating to see happens this next year!

Mike Henry  |  02 Jan 2014  |  Reply

Thanks for the kind words Paul and for taking part. I look forward to hearing more from you in the coming months. Happy 2014! Mike…

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