Leading Can Be Silent

by  Susan Mazza  |  Leadership Development

…Generating a supportive gaze from across the room as someone speaks up, letting them know you know it is taking every ounce of courage for them to speak their mind right now.

…Standing in the back of the room as someone takes the floor to speak publicly for the first time, giving them your full attention and nodding their way to let them know you are there rooting for them.

…Attending to an interruption or distraction in a meeting someone else is leading so they can continue leading on without missing a beat.

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Daren Becker  |  22 Nov 2013  |  Reply

Susan will be speaking and signing her books at the Friends of Gladys Taber Annual Reunion which will include a tour of Stillmeadow, Gladys’s 1690 Farmhouse in Southbury, Connecticut (Stillmeadow is a private home now, so this is a rare and wonderful thing).

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