Make a Referral – jump start the economy

by  Mike Henry  |  Leadership Development
I’m pledging to make a referral to a business I want to help as part of a national campaign to make 1000 referrals March 9-13. What a great small business stimulus plan.
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asatterla  |  20 Feb 2009  |  Reply

Hay if you would you could refer ppl to my insurance co-op. It is called The CO-OP. I started this company to help ppl earn insurance that cant normally afford it. We set it up as an mlm (which I get a lot of slack for). But, it is set up to be cheap enough so anyone can get into it. I could use the the referral. We are insurance and network marketing so ppl are really skeptical. All we want to do is help ppl. This I promise. We did not create The CO-OP to get rich or make tons of money. Although what benefits not used are payed out in cash. Well if you would check out the site http://www.theco-op.info you can contact me on skype @ asatterla or by email asatterla@theco-op.info

Arnett Satterla

Mike Henry Sr.  |  20 Feb 2009  |  Reply

Arnett, Thanks for your comment. I’m only going to refer people I’m familiar with, but beyond that, I wish you good luck with your new endeavor. Please go over to the Make A Referral link and sign up. Mike…

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