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Interview with Instigator John Bossong

john bossong

We last interviewed John Bossong in the November 2012 Lead Change newsletter and wanted to get an update from him as to where he is now in his leadership journey! In his original interview, John shared his background in leadership: I’ve been in leadership positions for most of my career, in the transportation industry. I believe » Read More


Meet Instigator Paul LaRue

paul larue

Each month in our newsletter, we feature an interview with one of our Instigators. Recently we featured an interview  with Paul LaRue, management and sales executive making it a point to be an example of leadership for others to follow.  Looking to make a difference in this and the next generation of leaders. Creator of The » Read More


Discovering Reasons to Stay

love em lose em

This following guest article is based on concepts from Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em: Getting Good People to Stay by Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans. This bestselling book provides twenty-six strategies to keep talented employees happy and productive.  While their focus is on the employer, Beverly and Sharon pose some great questions we could all be asking » Read More


Meet Instigator Linda Freeman

linda freeman

Each month in our newsletter, we feature an interview with one of our Instigators. Recently we featured an interview  with Rev. Linda Freeman,  who began her career as an engineer with the U.S. Department of Energy in 1986 after completing her M.S. in Environmental Engineering at Stanford University and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering at the University » Read More


Dose of Leadership Interview

Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 1.48.19 PM

My new friend and Lead Change member Richard Rierson (@DoseOfLeader) has a great website where he interviews a bunch of really great leaders, authors and personalities. The website is called Dose of Leadership. Richard recently interviewed me for his show and I had a wonderful time. He is an engaging interviewer and we share a » Read More


Are You Ready to Apply For an Executive Role?

Career related keyword in human shape info-text graphic and arra

Considering we live in an age that has been increasingly defined by a heightened sense of competition and specialisation, it is no wonder that acquiring an executive position has become so coveted in the employment market. An executive role allows further room for upward mobility, a greater control over internal decisions and even the possibility » Read More


Leadership Conversations Interview


I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Lead Change author Tal Shnall (member profile, web, Twitter, Google+) this past weekend.  Tal joined Lead Change after connecting with the Authentic Leadership Dallas bunch that includes Jon Mertz and Erin Schreyer. Tal is a natural interviewer and it was exciting to be one of his early » Read More


Meet Instigator David M. Dye


Each month in our newsletter, we feature an interview with one of our Instigators. Recently we featured an interview  with David M. Dye, who works with leaders, managers, and supervisors who want to get more done, build teams that care, and achieve results. He is a leadership speaker, consultant and coach as well as the the » Read More


Mike Henry Sr. Interviewed by Bob Burg

The Character Based Leader

Chief Instigator Mike Henry Sr. was interviewed this past week by the one-and-only Bob Burg!  Mike talks about the origins of the group and what triggered the project that became The Character-Based Leader: Instigating a Leadership Revolution… One Person at a Time. Bob Burg is a best selling author of The Go Giver and 3 » Read More


You Can’t Learn Anything with Your Mouth Open

mouth open!

I was sitting in a coffee shop writing a post and there was interview going on at the next table. What struck me, as I tried to write, was the amount of time the interviewer spent talking to versus listening to the interviewee. He would ask a question and as soon as she started to » Read More

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