A Tip for Giving Powerful Inspiring Feedback

by  Sonia Di Maulo  |  Leadership Development

This post has been modified but was originally posted on Ready To Feedback in December 2009.  Sonia was trying to get 100 responses.  Can you add to the total?

Have you ever received positive, inspiring feedback in your life? How did this feedback make you feel?


TIP – Feed these feelings forward

Help someone else feel like this. Give someone positive, inspiring feedback in the coming week.

Repeat often.

Add to the 6-word stories collection (started on December 5, 2009) on how powerful, inspiring feedback made you feel. Why?  To inspire others to recreate these powerful motivating feelings in others. It’s time to Lead Change!

Let your feelings guide your 6-word selection.

Share your story by adding it to this post as a comment.

Below is the inspiring 6-word story collection of S. Max Brown (Twitter: @smaxbrown) to get your creativity started!

1. Life is good. I can serve.
2. Hope breathes life into my work.
3. Feeling good, I become other focused.
4. Inspired by kindness, I do more.
5. Engaged, cooperative, teamwork brings great results.
6. Trust is built conversation by conversation.
7. Knowing where I stand today — priceless.
8. Anxiety goes away when you share.
9. Relationship established, now I can work.
10. Recharged, renewed, reinvigorated, refocused! Thank you.
11. Your greatest gift: words that lift.
12. Why appreciate me? Because you matter.
13. How do I serve? Love more.
14. Why me? You are perfectly appropriate.
15. Perfect? No. But I’ll give everything.
16. Can we all do more? Yes!
17. Celebrate today to recharge for tomorrow.
18. Being human is a gift — appreciate.
19. Words define: Treat me respectfully — please.
20. I want to do good work.
21. Humbled, I listen and ask questions.
22. We all need to feel important.
23. Self-esteem boosts performance, ego destroys it.
24. If you don’t give feedback: LEARN.
25. My charge is clear: Let’s ROLL!

What’s Your Story?

• 1_______ 2_______ 3_______ 4_______ 5_______ 6_______ – YOU

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What People Are Saying

Lindsay  |  26 Jul 2010  |  Reply

Inspire a movement. Make world change.

Sonia Di Maulo  |  27 Jul 2010  |  Reply

I can absolutely see you doing this, Lindsay! Susan’s 6-word story below would be an appropriate response… “Anything is possible. Just do it.”

Thanks for contributing!

Susan Mazza  |  26 Jul 2010  |  Reply

My six words on how powerful inspiring feedback makes me feel…”Anything is possible. Just do it.”

Love this exercise Sonia

Sonia Di Maulo  |  26 Jul 2010  |  Reply

Susan, great story! Thanks for submitting. :-)

Mike Henry  |  26 Jul 2010  |  Reply

I like that one too! Very well said. Mike…

Thomas Waterhouse  |  27 Jul 2010  |  Reply

Six precious words I will never forget… “I really do believe in you.” Six powerful words that I will express to others for a lifetime!

Sonia Di Maulo  |  27 Jul 2010  |  Reply

Powerful inspiration. Your 6-words gave me goose-bumps! The power of someone believing in you and your abilities is PURE motivation. Love it! Thanks, Thomas!

Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach  |  28 Jul 2010  |  Reply

Great idea Sonia.

Here’s one of my #BeOriginal tweets from Twitter that others have noted as very helpful. Check out Joan’s #BeOriginal idea on Twitter to publish your inspirational and creative thoughts (http://twitter.com/jkwgrowth).

My contirubtion:
“Weed out doubt to cultivate success!”

Sonia Di Maulo  |  28 Jul 2010  |  Reply

Very clever! Doubt can be an infection and takes away our power to thrive. Loving the imagery of weeding out doubt. Lovely. It’s amazing how much you can say with just 6-words.

Deb Costello  |  29 Jul 2010  |  Reply

Working together, we can do anything.

Sonia Di Maulo  |  30 Jul 2010  |  Reply

I believe… thanks for sharing your story, Deb!

David Weale  |  30 Jul 2010  |  Reply

What a wonderful exercise, Ok:

“If you believe, it is possible”…
“You are free to express yourself”…
“That’s a fantastic idea, thank you”…

Can’t wait to see this list grow!

Sonia Di Maulo  |  30 Jul 2010  |  Reply

David, 3 stories! You must be inspired. :-) I imagined receiving the 3 stories as feedback, and thought… David must be a great leader! Thanks for sharing.

Shawn Murphy  |  31 Jul 2010  |  Reply

The challenge: “Add to the 6-word stories collection on how powerful, inspiring feedback made you feel.”

Here is my reply:

“Reminded me of who I am.”
“I hadn’t thought about that before.”
“Full of emotion about what’s next.”
“Fortunate to know people who care.”
“I feel blessed, fortunate, and introspective.”

Sonia Di Maulo  |  31 Jul 2010  |  Reply

Beautiful stories, Shawn! I can feel the emotion and motivation you must have felt. Honored to add your 5 stories to the list.

Anne Perschel  |  01 Aug 2010  |  Reply

What is the world asking of me?
How & on behalf if what am I to use my talents?

Sonia Di Maulo  |  16 Aug 2010  |  Reply


I think questions make the best stories, too! It’s true that often feedback from others sends us into a thinking pattern; deep thought emerges with many questions about our mission in life (your first question) and how to use our talents (your second question). When feedback is delivered with the primary purpose of transmitting information without the person in mind, this is when feedback de-motivates! And this was why I developed this activity. It’s during those times when we need to remember inspiring times and the feelings from others that made us soar.

Thanks for sharing your ideas here Anne and for sending me into a thought pattern! :)


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