Leadership Un-Conference: LeaderPalooza

Have you ever noticed how quickly a fire dies out when you separate the logs or the coals?  Fire, energy and ideas have many things in common. People with energy, enthusiasm and ideas can equip, supply and assist one another. Like a fire, when they're together, they fuel each other.  Separated they burn or die out. United they make a difference. Isolated, your mind begins to play tricks on you. Fear can set in.  But, get around other enthusiastic people with energy and you will be energized. Associate closely with idea people and soon your mind will race with ideas.

Lead Change Catches On

Currently over 500 people have joined the Lead Change Group on LinkedIn and over 200 are active (that I'm aware of) on Twitter (list here).  I mentioned that the mission of the group is to help people apply character-based leadership in order to make a positive difference.  Most of us initially met on Twitter or LinkedIn and have connected further via telephone.  Some members have met face-to-face. We've talked and tweeted about getting together, well now is the time!

LeaderPalooza 2010

So we're throwing an un-conference.  That's right. We want to leverage each others' ideas and energy in a get-together this February 19-20 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  We won't have formal speakers and you won't get a binder.  You will meet great leadership people and create opportunities to be part of something different.  You won't just sit and listen; you will contribute.  Everyone in the group is capable of speaking on leadership anyway.  Come and share ideas and create ways to collaborate with other like-minded leadership friends.

Will you join us?  The conference registration site is www.LeaderPalooza.com. (Hotel arrangements are being finalized and should be set by 1/8/2010.) We want to get together, share energy and ideas and make a positive difference through character-based leadership. We believe together we will collaborate and create in a way that we can't even imagine until we've done it. This is a chance for you to act on your beliefs about leadership.

Catch the Fire?

Our world needs your ideas and energy applied toward advancing character-based leadership. Your contribution matters. But more than your individual effort, we need you to be part of a community committed to the same idea, supporting, energizing, equipping and mobilizing each other.  Our world needs us to pull together. Will you? You can get more information and register at www.LeaderPalooza.com.

Also, Please publicize this event or this group on your blog, Twitter or Facebook. Contact us for a registration button or simply link to http://www.leaderpalooza.com. Let's make a difference in 2010!


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