Own Your Vision

We've had several posts now about vision.  Have you "seen" the common thread between them?  We discussed the need to be able to articulate your vision in a way that makes your stakeholder's salivate.  We also talked about the value of a shared vision, how it energizes and mobilizes your team and how you need to keep it aligned with your highest purpose.  There is one last thing you must do though...

Finally, Own It

Own your vision. Take responsibility for your team’s shared vision of the future. Invest your energy and time in pursuit of that vision.  Give your best energy and your best effort serving your team as they pursue that vision. If your team shares the vision, your energy will build trust and confidence for when the going gets rough.  Let's face it, what better feeling is there when you served your team by making them successful at achieving a grand vision aligned with their highest purpose?

So as you own the vision, know as much about it as you can. What are the benefits? How will others feel when they achieve the vision?  Practice communicating the feeling others, developing the detail and their appreciation.   Use graphic terms to give people the idea they can change the world. They can! Ignite the flame in others and set your world on fire.

Inspire them.  Inspire means to put life into something. Put life into your team by taking the extra time to savor your vision and communicate it well.  The joy you and your teammates receive through the shared accomplishment will be worth it.

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