The Lead Change Group: 2016 In Review

by  Paula Kiger  |  Meet Lead Change
The Lead Change Group: 2016 In Review

361 days ago, I pressed “publish” to bring the first Lead Change post of 2016, the January 2016 Leadership Development Carnival, to life.

In the intervening days, we have produced 269 blog posts, including 12 Leadership Development Carnivals.

We have received 750 comments. Maybe you were one of the readers who commented on a post and/or shared it via social media.

There have been 238,192 unique page views. The average “time on page duration” was 47 seconds. Do the math, and you’ll discover readers have spent 186,583 hours reading our content.

That’s 7,774 days, or 21.29 years. (Caveat: I hope I did the math right! Whatever the case: Lead Change continues to make its presence known, to produce quality content, and to get people talking.)

While numbers aren’t everything, I am proud of our Lead Change metrics for 2016, and for posts like these, which garnered the most pageviews in 2016:

Dysfunctional Leadership: 10 Thinking Habits to Avoid

This March 18, 2016, post by Marcel Schwantes examined distorted thinking patterns: it looked at how to accept their dysfunctionality and how to overcome them.


A 30-60-90 Day Plan for Leaders 

This August 9, 2016, post by Paul LaRue provided a specific plan for new leaders to get results, build trust and establish credibility. As Paul shares:

Many new leaders have a 3-month, 6-month, and first-year game plan to create impact in their new role. But in our faster world, you’ll need to set up a way to hit the foundational touch-points both quickly and solidly. Set the ripple effect from Day 1 that allows culture and people to permeate operations and ripples through sustained results and future growth for your organization.

What Millennials Need in a Leader

This February 3, 2016, post by Margy Kerr-Jarrett lays it out candidly: this is what millennials want in leaders. Margy encourages leaders to believe in millennials, clarifying:

Despite how much confidence we exude, how much creativity we possess, and how nonchalant we may seem, we are perhaps the most self-critical, unconfident generation yet.

4 Things That Will Increase Your Optimism

This August 10, 2016 post by Mick Ukleja defines the term “explanatory outlook,” which takes readers beyond a “glass half empty/half full” or “personality tendencies” approach to optimism vs pessimism.


Doing Their Best

This August 5, 2016, post by David Greer explored how we can grow through our fears and beliefs with the help of supporters who hold us accountable. He reminds us:

As leaders we can set the course for those we lead so that they can get past their fears to grow.

I think that quote from David is a fitting idea with which to say goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017.

Whether you wrote one of the posts with the most views, wrote a post that did not receive as many visits or comments, or are still thinking “maybe I should write for Lead Change someday,” we honor your place in our community, thank you, and look forward to charting a thrilling “course” in 2017!


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Did you have a favorite Lead Change Group post in 2016? We would love to know!

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What People Are Saying

Will Lukang  |  30 Dec 2016  |  Reply

Congrats on a great year! Good job Paula for all the work that you did for us.

Paula Kiger (Admin)  |  31 Dec 2016  |  Reply

Thanks so much for taking the time to say that, Will, and for your consistent contributions to the Lead Change Community!

Mike Henry Sr.  |  31 Dec 2016  |  Reply

Thanks to you Paula and the entire Weaving Influence team! I’m grateful for the impact of Lead Change and how you lead and guide the community. Thank you all! Mike…

Paula Kiger (Big Green Pen)  |  31 Dec 2016  |  Reply

Thank you, MIke. And thank you for setting such a firm foundation for our work. We appreciate you!

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